Terms of Use

August 06, 2018

Registro.br, the NIC.br department responsible for registering and maintaining .br domain names, with its headquarters at 11,541 Av. Nações Unidas, 7th floor, in the City and State of São Paulo, ZIP 04578-000, establishes these terms and conditions of use, hereinafter referred to as "Terms of Use", for the registration of .br domain names.

Transparency is one of the main values of this "Terms of Use" document, which provides users with clarification and information about the rules relating to the use of the https://registro.br/ site for registering .br domain names and accessing its other functions.

Before registering a domain with .br or using the functions of the Registro.br website, the user should read the "Terms of Use" and "Privacy Policy" to become fully cognizant of all the conditions hereby established and to agree to them.

1 Initial considerations and definitions

1.1.Registro.br is responsible for the registration and maintenance activities of .br domain names, and for the distribution of IP addresses and autonomous system numbers (ASN) in Brazil.

1.2.Among a number of other functions, the https://registro.br/ website makes available the means for registering .br domain names and for consulting matters regarding to the ownership and the technical and administrative contact details of any domain name in a Public Directory (Directory).

1.3.For a better understanding of the obligations and rights stipulated in these Terms of Use, Registro.br provides detailed information regarding the technical terms and acronyms that are referred to in this document.

2 Consent

2.1.By using the Registro.br website to register and consult information about .br domain names, the user accepts and agrees to these Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, hereby freely, expressly and in an informed way consenting to the collection, treatment and sharing of their personal data in accordance with current legislation.

3 Terms of Use of the Registro.br Platform

3.1.The data and content of the Registro.br site may only be used for the technical, administrative and legal purposes of contacting the owner of the domain name or an IP address block, as provided for in the ".BR Domain Name Registration Agreement".

3.2.The reproduction, distribution, transformation, modification and/or commercialization of the data made available on the Registro.br site is strictly forbidden.

4 Exclusions of liability

4.1.Without prejudice to other existing exclusions of liability, Registro.br assumes no responsibility for:

a) The use by third parties of any information and/or data made publicly available on the Registro.br website;

b) Eventual connection failures, slowness, loss of access and/or other causes that make it impossible to access the platform;

c) The material made available on our platform, which does not represent any type of binding guidance;

d) Links and other resources supplied by third parties on our platform;

4.2.Various mechanisms are used for restricting access to the Directory for consultation purposes in order not to allow the information and data made available in it to be obtained en masse;

5 Intellectual Property and Violation of the Terms of Use

5.1.The content made available on the site, such as texts, software, scripts, graphs, photos, videos, trademarks and logos are the sole and exclusive intellectual property of Registro.br.

5.2.If Registro.br identifies any violation of the conditions set out in these "Terms of Use", the user should be aware that judicial and extrajudicial measures will be taken to protect Registro.br's rights, especially those related to intellectual property, within the terms of Law No. 9279/96 (Law of Industrial Property), Law No. 9609/98 (Law of Computer Program Copyright) and Law No. 9610/98 (Law of Copyright) and any other current laws that apply.

6 Communicating and Solving Conflicts

6.1.The user may contact one of our service channels directly for any clarifications deemed necessary.

6.2.Extrajudicial and/or judicial notifications that deal with the services of Registro.br and any complaints relating to violations of these "Terms of Use" must be reported by way of our service channels.

6.3.Conflicts relating to .br domain names will be resolved by the .br Domain Names Internet Conflict Administrative System, in accordance with the Regulations relating to this System.

7 Final considerations

7.1.The Privacy Policy and the ".BR Domain Name Registration Contract" are integral parts of this document, all of which will be jointly applied and interpreted.

7.2.Registro.br reserves the right to change the availability of the services, the layout and configurations of its site and these Terms of Use whenever it deems it necessary. All changes will take effect on the date the modified version is made available.